Connecting to Spirit Helpers

Jesus said, “Even the least amongst you will do all that I have done and even greater things.” When did you think that would be? How about now?

Buddha said, “All of you have Buddha nature.”

Sai Baba said, “I am God, so are you. The only difference is that I know it and you doubt it.”

Krishna said, “You are one with the Divine”.

The Torah says, “You are one with God.”

We are all divine spirits. Namaste!

There have been a lot of changes in the universe lately. It is now easier and beneficial for everyone to connect to the other side on a day-to-day basis. Beneficial for yourself, for your family, for your life and for the Earth. Our planet’s vibration is rising. Our own vibration is rising with it. We are in a time of death, and in a time when new life is beginning. A new birth is clearly happening, and a new awareness is slowly being born. There is an increased awareness of the need for change, the need to clean up the Earth and act upon it.

It is very simple to start connecting to the other side. Take time to breathe. Breathe deeply that breath full of energy and divine light. We don’t breathe enough to connect to the other side. We breathe shallow which is not healthy and is not useful. Our Spirit Helpers are here waiting for us to listen and be guided. Your breathing, your slowing down and your choosing to speak to the other side is the start. Your heart’s intent is that you want to connect with your Spirit Helpers.

If you need a parking space, ask for a parking space. If you need courage to do a presentation, ask for your angels to go in a head of time and set the mood. However, your Spirit Helpers don’t interfere; you must ask for assistance. When you don’t ask your Spirit Helpers have to stand there and watch you struggling. Humanity is involved in lack and in believing that it is hard to live here on the Earth and it is not. Choose to rise above the muck of the planet. Human beings are walking through mud. When you become light by your intent of learning more of who you truly are, all of a sudden the mud just starts running off of you.

When you talk to your Spirit Helpers or you connect with them even for a few seconds, your vibration changes because you are connecting to an Angelic realm. If you do that constantly throughout the day, you may end up connecting for 10 minutes. Then your vibration has been raised for 10 minutes. Once you start connecting more and more, then your vibration stays higher and higher longer. That is better for your general well-being, the people around you, and the Earth because you are emitting this energy of the higher vibration.

In these times of light, our bodies are changing in response to this new energy around us. Old ways are not necessarily the best ways for your new light body. It is important that we drink a lot of water. Now more than ever. When you drink, water, you act as a conductor of the light and it is easier for your Spirit Helpers to connect with you. Drink more than you are supposed to drink. Also get plenty of sunlight. Sunlight is needed on your head, in the crown chakra. It is important to get sunlight to be light.

Each of us has our own rhythm: times of the day of greater strength and receptiveness. Choose a time daily to enrich your spiritual practice through prayer or ritual. You may not do the exact thing every morning, but have your practice contain the same basic elements of lighting a candle and incense, honoring your God/Goddess or simply calling on spirit, breathing, meditation, prayer, or yoga/stretching. Then do whatever else you intuit is necessary for your soul’s self-expression such as journaling, painting, drawing, divination or creating a project. This quiet time, centers you and then you can face every day from a place of balance and empowerment. The more conscious and deliberate you are about creating a space for your spiritual practice, the happier you will become. Then you can serve others from the heart.

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