Yoga:  More than Physical Exercise
By Maggie Batt


Yoga is a wonderful way to connect to your physical body while also bringing in energy to your field.  Our energy field carries a blueprint of past trauma, emotions, mental thoughts and karmic ties.  When positive experiences happen to us, our energy field gets brighter and stronger.  Our Chakras (energy centers said to be the organs of our energy field) are all connected to our spine like the tip of a funnel.  Yoga specifically works on this spinal alignment, so as your physical body is connecting, your energetic body also begins to open up further.  This allows you to release stuck trauma held in our cell memory and your energy field.  The whole body must align to truly merge.  We can’t be fully present by disconnecting to the body.  Your body speaks to you when it aches, creaks or your energy levels drop.  The more in tune you are to the body, the easier it is for you to pinpoint what triggers your body’s disharmony.

To reclaim the free expression of our will, we must clear out old emotional responses that get triggered out of habit.  We must reclaim our emotional body.  Expressing and releasing the emotional energy is done through movement and sound.  Thinking won’t work.  This energy is lodged in the body.  To liberate stuck emotional energy, we need to move until we experience a release and freedom in our body.

Why are sound and movement instrumental in emotional release?  It is because everything in the universe vibrates.  Both sound and movement are forms of vibration.  To release stuck emotional energy it must vibrate at a frequency that facilitates the release.  Energy that is blocked in the body can be released by vibrating the physical being.  Free movement in the form of shaking and dancing is also very therapeutic.

When we practice movement, we can pay attention to how we vibrate our space.  We need exercise in a way that cultivates nurturing and acceptance of our bodies.  Between the exercises we need to maintain an open, non-judgmental space, to relax and hold our body in a loving manner and to allow our emotional energy to be free and alive.  The freer our emotions, the more power we will have to stay healthy, meet our life challenges and manifest our dreams.  Space is opened by acceptance.  Acceptance invites in the light vibrations.  Light is experienced as LOVE.

Since 2012, I have had the privilege of teaching in the Yoga Loft Teacher Training Program.  We go through each Chakra and bring healing and awareness through poses (asana), sound (mantra), knowledge (jnana), meditation (dhyana), breathwork (pranayama), focus (mudra), and gaining mastery over ones senses (pratyahara).  This September another program begins.  Learn more at  Now get moving!