Reiki III/Mastery Deposit – Private Session



This class attunes Reiki II’s to healing on a spiritual level and completes the Mastery of the Reiki energies. You learn how to utilize the Master symbol, how to pass attunements on to others, and how to teach Reiki. You will also be taught techniques to start up your own Reiki practice.

The Third Attunement seals the Reiki process into your body, mind and spirit. Once you have had the three attunements, you’re a Reiki channel for your entire life. Reiki cannot be forgotten, lost by non-use or taken away. With use, Reiki grows stronger and stronger. In this last class, I will take you on a guided meditation through a Journey Into Mastery.  It will help you release any unwanted energies from each chakra, enabling you to be a radiant vessel for the Reiki energy.


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