Free the Hips Workshop via Zoom



Come relax, FREE and OPEN those HIPS in this Gentle Restorative Personalized Workshop designed for all levels in the comfort of your home, supported by your props and small wall space for our final restorative poses.

Zoom link provided after purchase.

Our kundalini energy portrayed as the serpent at the base of spine, gets stuck without proper flow. This may result in physical symptoms such as menstrual/menopausal difficulties, intestinal and urinary problems, and low back, hip, leg and foot pain.  We will Free the Hips, then move the energy up the spine which enables juicy joints and general well-being.  RELAXATION JOURNEY FOLLOWS!

Workshop taught by Margaret Wilcox of Wheels of Light, a certified TriYoga (TM) instructor.  Private yoga sessions available in Palm Springs, CA which include meditation and breathwork and/or energy work.   See Session!


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