Adv. Reiki Techniques Private Zoom Workshop


In this advanced class we will dive deeper into channeling divine beings, remote viewing, working with the elements and attunements into new systems.  Preq: Reiki Master


Learn advanced techniques with Margaret Wilcox, a Reiki Master, ARCH Master, Shaman, Quantum Touch Practitioner, and Dragon Resonance Healing Practitioner.

We’ll cover channeling higher beings of light, remote viewing, working with the elements, attunements into new systems and so much more.  Jump start your reiki practice by putting these new tools for your healer’s toolbox.  This workshop will be tailored to your specific area of development.

Prequisite : Reiki Master

Class Recommendation:  Karuna Reiki for spiritual evolvement and higher reiki frequencies and Chakra Intuitive for psychic development.  All available via zoom.


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