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Caroline Hardenbergh (07/09/16)
Many Blessings and Much Gratitude to you for providing service for minimal and donated costs. I have a strong desire to achieve higher levels of spiritual mastery, but little resources. I know once I become better equipped I will be able to share my gifts and provide likewise support. Peace & Love to you

Anesia J (11/30/15)
Beautiful page! Namaste!

Susanne PhD (03/17/15)
The month of healing gives me such a wonderful feeling of joy and contentment that I have to say it is worth paying for 12 months in a row, if you can afford it! Every other day there seems to be another manual and special attunement coming through. At first it seemed like a lot of work to read everything and perform the small rituals. But then I realized that the attunements come through just fine as long as I meditate every morning and accept the energy sent by Rev. Batt. I do these as often as I can afford.