Wheels Of Light

Time to Re-Awaken

By Laurie Grant

I believe that it is no coincidence that ARCH has resurfaced and that you are interested in ARCH now. While it may be human nature to ascribe great importance to current times, there is mounting evidence from many sources that these truly are extraordinary times. Times of great change, times of a Great Awakening, or perhaps more accurately, times of a Great Re-Awakening.  In his book, The Flower of Life, Drunvalo Melchizedek suggests that just as we have our daily cycle of falling asleep at night (losing consciousness and awareness), human civilization also goes through a cycle of awakening, falling asleep, and reawakening, over a 26,000 year period that is called the Great Year, the Platonic Year, or the Precession of the Equinoxes.  Drawing upon ancient Hindu sources, as well as his own guidance, Drunvalo suggests that we are right now at the time of greatest awakening, and that 13,000 years ago was the time of falling asleep. He further suggests that ancient peoples, living during this awake stage of human consciousness 13,000 years or so ago, knew that there was coming a time of falling asleep, of a prolonged Age of Darkness, and sought ways to preserve their wisdom and knowledge.  Secret societies and isolated outposts of peoples became the keepers of this ancient knowledge, retaining it through the millennia as best as they could, awaiting a time when human civilization as a whole was ready to remember this knowledge. That time is now.

I believe that ARCH is a part of this ancient wisdom, and that there is a growing population that is ready to reawaken to these higher levels of consciousness and awareness.  Pieces of these ancient peoples and their wisdom are being rediscovered at an increasing rapid pace.  Probably in our lifetime, as was prophesied by Edgar Cayce, there will be an excavation of the known chamber (or chambers) under the Sphinx in Egypt that will uncover a wealth of hidden knowledge.  Graham Hancock, a researcher of ancient civilizations, shows compelling evidence in his video series "The Lost Civilization" that a common ancient civilization built monuments that traverse the globe, and specifically that the Great Pyramid in Egypt, Angkor Wat in Cambodia, and Tiahuanaco in Mexico, were all built around 12,500 years ago.  Were these monuments in part an attempt to record an ancient knowledge that would endure through at least through half of the Great Year until we began to wake up?  The resurfacing of this ancient knowledge and wisdom is not only coming to us in the medium of news shows, lectures, books, and the internet, but also intuitively.  There is an inner awakening, an opening of energy and information channels that is occurring in an increasing number of people.

The ancient Mayan Calendar, which tracks this 26,000 year cycle with astonishing accuracy (just observing and understanding this long cycle is a feat in itself), ends in 2012 AD and predicts the end of the world as we know it.  While there are those who look at these times with fear, foreseeing catastrophic earth changes and social upheaval, I believe rather that we have a wonderful opportunity to participate in a large scale reawakening to new levels of consciousness.  To make a quantum leap on our path of Enlightenment and reconnection with the Divine Source.


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