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Envirotoxin Update:  Toxicity in Our World Today




  • 25% of all FDA approved drugs are pulled off the market within 3 years.
  • The CDC reported that the average American has over 116 toxins in their systems (based on test results in 2005)
  • The average American unknowingly consumes 24 lbs of food additives a year, many of which are potentially carcinogenic.
  • 84% of food served in public schools contain old additives and toxins such as DDE (a form of DDT)
  • 47 states have advisories about farm raised fish.  They're being raised in cesspools.
  • 70% of newly decorated homes have high levels of benzene, which has been shown to cause cancer.
  • Pollutants in the body accumulate, they don't go away. 
  • People die of pollutants.  People used to die of contaminated water.
  • BREAST MILK CONCERNS:  US women have the highest toxic levels in the world.  Chemicals like flame retardants and mercury reach babies through breast milk.
  • Increases in disease, all are on the upswing. 
  • 50% increase in asthma every 10 years. (Research in Canada) Kids are walking around with inhalers. 
  • Seafood:  The FDA came out 3 years ago, in conjunction with CDC, and said children under 6 and pregnant women should avoid swordfish, king mackerel..... the mercury in them is high enough to cause brain damage. The FDA added tuna to the list 6 months later. 
  • The #1 source of mercury is from coal fired power plants. 
  • In 1999, CDC did a survey of over 5000 women and found high enough mercury levels to cause brain damage.
  • Even low levels of environmental toxins destroy the immune system, disturb pituitary, thyroid, and prostate function, often causing cancers.
  • The gut makes more neurotransmitters than the brain. Ingested toxins can also cause brain damage.


Disease Rates up in the US:

·       Testicular cancer:   up 54%

·        Breast cancer:       up 19% (Spokane WA is #1)

·        Thyroid cancer:      up 221 %

·        Autism: up from 1 in 2,500, to 1 in 167 kids (1990 to 2006)

·        Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma:   up 83%  



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