Wheels Of Light
Crystals for Women
  • Amber - Lifts heaviness, allowing happiness to come through.
  • Amethyst - spiritual upliftment; calming and cleasning; put under pillow for good dreams; cleanses all other stones; promotes patience and self-love
  • Apache tears - the "grief stone"; allows tears to be shed
  • Red Coral - Protects and strengthens one's emotional foundation; woman's stone; regulates blood and spleen; aids menstruation
  • Garnet - grounding; increases fertility; heightens sexuality
  • Jade - relaxation; calmness; opens heart; relieves muscle tension
  • Jasper - nurturing stone; reclaim power
  • Rose quartz - emotional balance; balancing the heart; self-love
  • Smokey quartz - emotional balancer; transmutes negative
  • Sodalite - protection; brings peace; reduces EMF produced from computers, tv's & microwaves; excellent for busy women who need to relax
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