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Receive a FREE Reiki Intensive or Karuna Reiki® Intensive workshop in your city by organizing a class of six or more.

Private Yoga, Reiki & Spiritual Training classes available in Southern California--Wedding, Birthing, Naming and Funeral Ceremonies too.  We also offer Reiki Training and Yoga to Children and Teens.  See Sessions for hands-on and long-distance healing.



January 15
Chakra Introduction Workshop

The Chakras are the organs of the Human Energy Field (aura).  Learn the different layers of our energy field and how the Chakras affect our moods and influence our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.  We will explore many Shamanic techniques, yoga, chanting and mudras for cleansing and balancing your own Chakras to maintain optimum health.  Deep healing may occur.  You may gain a greater awareness of where your imbalances lie. Taught by Margaret Wilcox, a certified TriYoga® instructor and master energy healer.  Read her article Chakra Introduction
Time: 12:00pm-2:00pm
Location: Peace Love Yoga in Palm Springs
Investment:  $40 includes a hard copy of Journey through the Chakras.
January 22
On the Wall Yoga Workshop
Experience our best prop--the wall.  We will experience supported poses, gentle inversions and create an inward focus for deep relaxation.  Followed by yoga nidra (deep relaxation).  Led by Margaret Wilcox, a certified TriYoga® instructor and master energy healer.  See her TriYoga
® Flows article.
Time: 12:00pm-2:00pm
Location: Peace Love Yoga in Palm Springs
Investment:  $30
February 12
Partner Yoga
Grab a friend or loved one and enjoy yoga and stretch poses with full assistance from your partner.  This enables you to go deeper into a pose or be supported where needed.  It is also a great way to connect with someone you love.  Taught by Margaret Wilcox, a certified TriYoga® instructor and master energy healer.  See her TriYoga
® Flows article.
Time: 12:00pm-2:00pm
Location: Peace Love Yoga in Palm Springs
Investment:  $20

February 19
Free the Hips TriYoga
® Workshop

When our hips are tight, we stop the energy flow within the body.  This may result in physical symptoms such as back, hip, leg and foot pain or feminine and intestinal difficulties.  This workshop will focus on basic to intermediate postures to enhance, open purge and eventually free those hips. We then move the energy up the spine which enables juicy joints and general well-being.  We will be using the wall and props for support while cultivating a deep, complete breath for inner connection.  Deep nidra (yogic sleep) follows.  All levels will benefit.  This class is taught by Margaret Wilcox, a certified TriYoga® instructor.  See her TriYoga
® Flows article.

Time: 12:00pm-2:00pm
Location: Peace Love Yoga in Palm Springs
Investment:  $30

March 12
Chakra Intuitive Workshop

We will practice viewing auras, sensing Chakras (energy centers) and accessing your intuition.  What is your Intuitive Type?  Are you a Shaman, a Channeller, a Medium or an Empath?  Psychic quizzes, experiments and tests will be introduced.  to determine your dominant “clair.”  Taught by Margaret Wilcox, a certified TriYoga® instructor and master energy healer.  See her article Wisdom as Intuition.   

Time: 12:00pm-2:00pm
Location: Peace Love Yoga in Palm Springs
Investment:  $40

March 19
Breath Workshop

We will practice breathing techniques (pranayamas) that will cleanse your blood, release toxins, balance your glands and lift your moods.  Breathwork is a great bridge to our meditation practice.  All levels will benefit.  This class is taught by Margaret Wilcox, a certified TriYoga® instructor.  Register in advance to receive the Divine Breath Ebook before the workshop.
Time: 12:00pm-1:00pm
Location: Peace Love Yoga in Palm Springs
Investment:  $20

March 23-26 & September 7-10
Joshua Tree Earth Asana Retreat

Release and Renew!  Get physical and shake off stuck energy trapped in your aura with roots in your spine.  Yoga assists in moving that stuck energy with hip openers and spinal flows.  Then let the most potent earth energy found in Joshua Tree National Park (and the surrounding preserve and oasis) assist in cleansing your being and opening you up to new heights. 

​Includes accommodations, twice daily yoga, hiking, park fees, transportation to hikes, meditation/chanting, energy healing meditations and 8 (eight) vegan meals to cleanse and harmonize your being.  
You will depart feeling rooted in yourself and empowered to move forward in life authentically from your heart. 

This 4,500 square foot retreat home on 5 private acres is a rare gem and just 5 miles from the Joshua Tree National Park.  Nestled against the mountains, it heralds its own beauty with incredible rock formations in its own backyard.  Enjoy stunning sunsets and animal sightings. 

​Each room is zenly decorated and has its own bathroom and entrance.  The central areas are gracious and cozy, and there is an outdoor HOT TUB.  Yoga mats and props are available. 

​Hikes include Joshua Tree National Park, Indian Canyons Oasis and Morongo Valley Preserve.  Energetic morning yoga flows and restorative evening sessions offered.  Beginners welcome with intermediate options. 

​Gently led by 
Margaret Wilcox.  Space is limited to 10.  2nd person add-on ticket available for only $500 which includes all activities and meals with double occupancy.

​Transportation available from the Palm Springs airport for $50 each way.  Will you be staying with a friend?  Let us know your needs at  info@wheelsoflight.org.  We will leave time for silent meditation, walking the private 5 acres, and leisure activities.

Investment:  $1,000 (Early Bird rate til June 20); $1,250 (June 21-July 31); $1,500 therafter
Click HERE for full Early Bird Rate.
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Click HERE for 2nd person add-on.

April 29

Crystal Healing Workshop

Learn the basics for healing yourself or others with crystals.  We'll cover how to create your sacred space, feng shui with crystals, crystal mandalas, balance the chakras with crystals, crystals for protection, crystal pendulums, care and cleansing and more.  In this class, you'll meet your crystal angels, receive a chakra crystal kit (7) and practice their use.  Read the Crystal Page.

Click HERE to reserve.

September 29-30

Intuitive Healer Intensive

Spend the weekend shifting energy patterns within the body on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  Learn to heal long-distance and send energy to the past, present and future.  Plus so much more!  Receive all three Reiki energy attunements (initiations):  Level I (physical healing); Level II (emotional/mental healing); and Level III/Mastery (spritual/karmic healing).  We will experience many meditations, including meeting your Healing Guide and your Journey Into Mastery, a deep meditation to clear your field of all past and present wounds.  You will be taught intuitive techniques to add more to your healer's took kit.  You will have much time for practice and receive a full Manual and Master Certificate in class.  Snacks and tea also included.  Learn to heal yourself, then your family, then your village!  

Read the Reiki Flyer and the Reiki Page to learn more about Reiki.  

Taught by Rev. Margaret Wilcox.  Read her bio.  

Upon your reservation, you will receive a confirmation letter with the Reiki Intro Manual via email. This is required reading before the class.  We will also begin working on you in spirit to prepare you for the weekend.  You MUST sign up in advance.

Investment:  $333 - Click HERE to reserve your space (limited to 15) and begin your journey now!
Location:  Peace Love Yoga, 1572 S. Palm Canyon Dr., Palm Springs, CA  92264
Time:  Friday - 5pm-9pm; Saturday - 12pm-6pm (with lunch break)

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