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Prenatal Yoga Basics


I highly recommend yoga during pregnancy.  You can begin gentle exercises even if you have not had a previous yoga practice.  This gentle yoga will relax your body and calm your nervous system.  It is wonderful in relieving pregnancy discomforts.  It builds the muscles and raises endurance levels needed for childbirth.  As you practice, notice what feels good to your body.  Where do you seem to need the most work?  Breathe deeply through each of the postures.  Where you are holding on?  Let it go.  By learning to tune into your body, you will better be able to tune into your baby and focus on a positive birthing experience.  The more relaxed we are during our birthing experience, the less pain we will feel, as our bodies work for us and not against us.


Below are some prenatal exercises that would benefit you.


Kegels:  This is the muscle that controls the urine flow and your vagina muscles.  The entire area is called the pelvic floor.  Strengthening of this area is essential during childbirth and beyond.  Inhale for 5 counts and slowly squeeze those muscles up as if you were going up an elevator, the cervix being the top floor.  Then exhale for 5 counts as you slowly lower the muscles down.  Work up to counts of 10.


Cat Rolls: Come onto your hands and knees.  Inhale, head comes up, tailbone up; exhale tuck chin toward chest and tailbone under.  Repeat several times. 


Tailor Sitting:  Sit on the floor as often as possible.  Also called lotus position or indian style.  Do kegels while in this position. 


Sitting Butterfly:  Put soles of feet together and focus on bringing the knees to the ground. 


Seated Forward Bend:  Sitting on floor with legs extended out in front of you, open them wide enough to accommodate your belly.  Grab your ankles or toes and lean forward.


Squats:  Start by sitting on pillows or blankets.  Picture opening up those pelvic floor muscles.  By supporting your back against a wall, slowly squat into position and hold.  Always squat when picking stuff off the floor.


Child’s Pose:  Sit back on your shins with hips wide and slowly lean yourself forward.  Put a pillow under chest for extra comfort.  Leave hands gently to sides, turn head to side and take long deep breaths.  The blood flow from your pelvis while circulate to your heart, releasing pressure.



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