Wheels Of Light
Annette Scott has been sharing her healing touch for six years.   She studied massage at Florida's School of Massage in Gainesville and has recently completed their teacher training program.  The school's teaching is grounded in deep listening and the power of conscious, compassionate touch.  Her work and on-going education reflects this focus.  She sees her development as a constant expansion and study of four interrelated aspects: her state of attention, the quality of her touch, the clarity of intention and her ability to listen.

Having listened to and upon making contact with you, Annette blends techniques which include deep connective tissue, the use of specific Essential Oils
Polarity Balancing, Reiki, ShirodharaCranio-sacral Therapy, Thai Massage, Lymphatic Body Brushing and Neuro-muscular therapy to address the client's needs.

Annette believes bodywork is about enhancing what feels good and diminishing what does not. While pain and discomfort are necessary physiological elements they should be indicators, not a constant state of being.  Investigating what is being felt can allow us to settle more deeply into ease and peace in the body as well as the mind.  MA #39230


Annette also has a strong connection with prenatal mothers and is a Prenatal Massage Goddess.  

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