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129 13 Attunements to the Ascended Masters
These 13 Attunements will bring you the energies of these Ascended Master much closer to you allowing them to work with your continually.
119 3 Levels of Usui Reiki Training
An Online Training program to receive all 3 Levels of traditional REIKI training long-distance. Your spirit will take in the attunements (energy initiations) at our agreed upon time. You will receive a Full Manual, Meditations and Virtual Coaching. Click "more details" to learn more. Visit the full flyer at www.wheelsoflight.org/reikiflyer. See if you heed the call to heal the planet starting with you!
126 49 Angelic Symbols Attunement
Receive 49 different Angelic Symbols!! These symbols support us to become healthy, harmonious and to strengthen our energy bodies.
142 Advanced Reiki - Level IV
An advanced Reiki Master course for those who are interested in increasing their Reiki power and learning how to create new Reiki systems.
069 Air & Detox Ebook
Be ready to free yourself of limiting behaviors and thoughts and embark on a wholistic journey. Love the divine light within and feel more connected to your Source. NOW 50% off!
046 ARCH Session - Hawaiian Based Kahuna Energy (long-distance)
Receive Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing (ARCH) via long-distance. ARCH can bring your body back to its oneness with the Divine. Knowing that you are aspect of the Divine Source creates love, bliss and joy. This is a very powerful clearing and you will be gently guide you on this journey and give you my intuitive impressions. I will help you determine if your blocks are physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Read more about ARCH by clicking on the ARCH button or go to www.wheelsoflight.org/arch.
444 ARCH Sessions - Package of 5 Long-distance
Receive 5 (five) Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing (ARCH) Sessions via long-distance for only $50! One session is usually $25. This offer expires 10/15/17. ARCH can bring your body back to its oneness with the Divine. Knowing that you are aspect of the Divine Source creates love, bliss and joy. This is a very powerful clearing and you will be gently guide you on this journey and give you my intuitive impressions. I will help you determine if your blocks are physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Read more about ARCH by clicking on the ARCH button or go to www.wheelsoflight.org/arch.
137 Archangel Ariel Link
This link will help you to better connect with Archangel Ariel. He is the Archangel of Nature.
147 Archangel Gabriel Link
Reveive this Link to Archangel Gabriel who helps us heal our karmic wounds and takes it away for us.
132 Archangel Michael Link
This link/empowerment will help you to connect to Archangel Michael and bring in the qualities he emulates. He is the leader of all the Archangels.
059 Archangel Michael Protection Attunement
Receive this protection symbol in the form of energy. Symbol will be e-mailed to you with instructions.
133 Archangel Uriel Link
This link/empowerment will help you to connect to Archangel Uriel and bring in the qualities he emulates. He is the leader of all the Archangels.
141 Archangelic Colors
This link will help you to connect to the seven rays of color healing and each Archangel represented.
049 Atlantean Reiki Remote Initiation
Learn ancient Atlantean and Egyptian healing secrets, history and receive a remote initiation tuning you into these energies and guides.
202 Calm & Clear Essence - 2 oz. Spray Mist
Negative Condition: • No time for self • Impatience • Rushing • Worry • Mind chatter • Irritability • Impatience - Positive Outcome: • Encourages sacred space to • Relaxation • Clarity
150 Cerridwen, Celtic Goddess of Transformation
An energy initiation to the Celtic Goddess Cerridwen. She is the Goddess of transformation.
027 Chakra Intuitive Workshop
An in-depth study on the chakras and intuition. Learn many techniques and test your psychic skills. Includes Chakra Yoga, Psychic Quizzes and much more.
125 Connect with Spirit Empowerment
This energy empowerment will connect you even deeper to your Spirit or Higher Self. Connect to your Spirit and you can learn life's important lessons.
343 Crystal and Lavender Dream Pillows
Hand sewn and stuffed with organic lavender blossoms, hematite crystals for grounding and repelling negativity, and an amethyst crystal for good dreams and relaxing sleep. Created by Jasmine Wilcox Batt, a 14 year old reiki practitioner.
114 Crystal Healing Session
Receive a Crystal Healing available in the greater Los Angeles area. Read Bio of Maggie Batt. Includes energy work. 1 hour session
052 Crystal Reiki Online Attunement
This energy includes 15 life cycle symbols from Atlantean/Egyptian times. Boost your Reiki energy and gain adv. knowledge on crystals.
153 Deceased Ancestors Connection
This attunement will bring you closer to your loved ones who have passed and are watching over you. They are often our guides, and have great messages for us from the other side.
135 Diamond Ray of Quan Yin Initiation
This initiation will help you to connect to the Quan Yin who assists in Karuna Reiki healing. She helps mothers and children and opens our hearts.
079 Divine Breath E-Book
Learn all about the breath and several exercises to bring into you daily spiritual practice. NOW 50% OFF!
044 Donation/Advertising
Make a donation to assist those who need Healing or Education and cannot afford it. Donations also taken for ARCH Long-Distance Treatments.
220 Dynamis Essence - 1 oz. Spray Mist
Negative Condition: • Temporary loss of drive - Positive Outcome: • Renews passion and enthusiasm for life • Centres and harmonises one's vital forces
064 Ear Coning
A Native American technique using spiraling smoke to draw things up your ear canal. You'll feel deep benefits on many levels as the ears are connected to your entire body. Available in the greater Los Angeles area.
072 Earth & Abundance eBook
The root chakra is the foundation of our energy system. When dysfunctioning you block your flow to abundance, fertility and your entire body begins to seize up. NOW 50% OFF!
122 Earth Star Attunement
This attunement will deepen your connection to your Earth Star Chakra below your feet. Manual with self-guided meditation included.
0000 Elementary CRYSTAL Healing Ebook
Learn how to heal yourself and others with crystals. We'll cover how to create your sacred space, feng shui with crystals, crystal mandalas, balance the chakras with crystals, crystals for protection, crystal pendulums, care and cleansing and more. NOW 50% OFF!
635 Essential Oil Necklace
Each necklace contains 100% pure essential oil and is engineered to resonate and harmonize your being through aromatherapy and Reiki-infused light. Each glass bottle also contains a programmed crystal to heighten the intention of the oil blend. Use as a perfume instead of harsh chemicals, without opening bottle. While wearing, the oil blend gently breathes through the cork top. Necklace has an adjustable strap. Handcrafted by Amber Wilcox Batt.
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127 Fairy Light RayKey
Receive this fun attunement into the healing fairy realm. Manual includes fun techniques to lighten your practice.
032 Finding Your Twin Flame Meditation & Consultation (via phone)
Receive a personal consultation and meditation to meet your soulmates (we have several) and your twin flame via telephone.
070 Fire & Love EBook
Learn to open your heart deeply. Loving yourself is a prerequisite to allowing others to love you. Find your primary soulmate or deepen your connection with your lover. ON SALE 50% off!
130 Five Dhyani Budda Empowerments
These Five Empowerments include a chant, visualization and mudra (yoga for the hands) for each of the Dhyani Buddhas. Powerful energy!
027 Free the Hips Workshop
Come relax, free and open those hips in this gentle restorative workshop designed for all levels at Peace Love Yoga in Palm Springs, CA.
058 Gift Certificate Session
Private Yoga, Meditation, Energy Session/Assessment, Card Reading, House Clearing, Ritual, Childbirth or Spiritual Consultation Session in the greater Palm Springs area. 1 hour session
138 Goddess Isis Link
This link will help you to connect to the Egyptian Goddess Isis, the Mother of the Universe. FREE for January!
149 Goddess Ostara Initiation
Receive this initiation to the Goddess Ostara the Goddess of new beginnings, fertility, joy hope and renewal.
0001 Hamied, Angel of Miracles
Let Hamied, the Angel of Miracles bring more happiness, joy and abundance into your life. When you can't find a creative solution to your problem, call on Him. Ask for a miracle to occur in an area of your life and then let it go. Give it up to Hamied! Energy initiation to him and manual included!
040 Healing For A Month - Family
Receive healing daily for one month for you and your family/pets! This will assist you in removing stubborn blocks on all levels of your life.
038 Healing For A Month - Single
Receive healing daily for one month! This will assist you in removing stubborn blocks on all levels of your life.
115 Healing for a Month - Single Renewal
Receive healing daily for one month! This will assist you in removing stubborn blocks on all levels of your life. - RENEWAL RATE!
116 Healing for a YEAR - Single Person
Receive healing daily for one YEAR! This will assist you in removing stubborn blocks on all levels of your life. Read more about me at www.wheelsoflight.org/margaretwilcox.
075 Herbology 101 E-book
Learn about my favorite herbs and how to use them for your family's health and well being. NOW 50% off!
045 Intuitive Reading / Spiritual Consultation (e-mailed)
Let our Spirit Helpers and the Divine assist me in assessing your energy field, sending you an energy boost and writing channeled information specifically for you.
073 Journey Through the Chakras Ebook
Learn about your energy system and how emotions, thoughts, past trauma and karma effect you in the present. A must read for healers and Lightworkers.
084 Kindergarten Curriculum Ebook
This simple yet informative Kindergarten curriculum will assist the new homeschool teacher and enrich the life of her child. NOW 50% off!
143 Kundalini Reiki Levels 1-9
Light your Kundalini Flame and clear out your energy channels gradually. Learn how to heal deep wounds before applying other healing energies for deeper work.
151 Lakshmi Hindu Goddess of Abundance Link
Receive this initiation to Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of abundance and love. She has a remarkable Mother Goddess energy that is warm and loving. Her energy flows from the heavens like a golden elixir from top to bottom. Let her fill you up and bless all areas of your life. Manual included. BONUS KALI INITATION FREE WITH THIS PURCHASE.
123 Lighten the Load Reiki Attunement
Receive this attunement as an extra energy resource for the existing healer. This Reiki energy includes a visualization method.
121 Lightworkers Unity Energy Attunement
Receive this attunement as an extra energy resource for healing and regeneration as we come together through Unity. Participants will be part of a healing circle.
047 Long-Distance Space Clearing
Have you had recent bad luck? Do you sense something while you sleep or are you constantly ill? You may need a Space Clearing session. Read further.
131 Love, Forgiveness & Magic of the Angels
This system includes attunements to connect you to Archangels Haniel, Raziel and Raguel. Detailed manual included on each and their helping vibrations. nOW 50% OFF!
128 Ma Tei Ya Reiki
This energy connects you to some powerful spirit helpers namely, Maitreya, Enoch, Metatron, Melchizedek, and the Archangels and many more.
145 Metratron Archangelic Link
Receive this link or empowerment to connect better connect to Archangel Metatron. This supremem angel of all angels can help you with many tasks.
120 Mobile Animal Reiki Session in Los Angeles Area
Bring your pet's energy back to its original vibration so physical and emotional healing can occur. Animals greatly benefit from Reiki. Read the Reiki Page for more information. Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area.
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139 Musk Essence Empowerment
This empowerment will help you to connect to the Musk Essence without requiring the actual essence. Utilize it to bring more passion to your life. FREE for the Holidays!!
124 Nada Brahma Reiki
Receive this energy initiation into a Reiki system that includes chanting of the beeja (seed) mantras to induce a meditative state, healing and enlightenment.
067 Natural Mom EBook
The ultimate guide for alternative ways of healing yourself post-pregnancy, breastfeeding issues, infant/child health, toddlerhood trials and indigo/crystal children philosophies. NOW 50% off!
066 Natural Prenatal Care & Childbirth EBook
An eye-opening look at prenatal care and childbirth. Learn to do what our bodies were designed to do. Treat pregnancy as a rite of passage and not an illness. Read more. NOW 50% off!
048 Oracle Card Reading (e-mailed)
A intuitive reading to assist you in discovering your spirit's truth. Remember you are a spiritual being having a physical body experience, not the other way around. $10 per question/throw.
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054 Private YOGA Session in Greater Los Angeles
Receive ONE personalized YOGA session accompanied by meditation, breathwork and restorative poses. Up to 5 people. In Greater Los Angeles Area
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146 Raphael Archangelic Link
Receive this Link to Archangel Raphael and be assisted in his healing wisdom.
029 Reiki I & II Workshop
Spend the day shifting energy patterns within the body on physical, emotional and mental levels. Learn to heal yourself and send energy to others long-distance. Plus so much more! Receive the Reiki Level I (physical healing) & Level II (emotional/mental healing) energy attunements (initiations). We will experience many meditations, including meeting your Healing Guide. You will be taught intuitive techniques to add more to your healer's tool kit. We will have time for practice and you'll receive a certificate. Snacks and tea also included. Learn to heal yourself, then your family, then your village! Read the Reiki Flyer and the Reiki Page to learn more about Reiki. Taught by Rev. Margaret Wilcox. Read her Bio. Date: May 20, 2018 Time: 1pm-6pm Location: Peace Love Yoga in Palm Springs, CA www.peaceloveyogapalmsprings.com
090 Reiki Master Replacement Certificate
If you've taken Reiki workshops with me and you've lost your Mastery certificate, you may order a new one. Reiki blessings to all!
055 Session - Hands-On
Private Yoga, Meditation, Energy Assessment, Card Reading, Childbirth, Soulmate or Spiritual Consultation Session in the Palm Springs area. I come to your home. Cost is per service/hour.
095 Space Clearing Session
Need an energy shift in all areas of your life? We come to your home and help you "fix" your energy problems. Read further about things that can give off bad energy.
068 Spirit Helpers Ebook
Learn the different levels of Spirit Helpers and how to connect to them on a daily basis. Read about pantheons, guardian/archangels, fairies, animal totems and more. NOW 50% off!
140 Starseed Transmissions Link
This link will help you to connect to your Starseed home and the spiritual helpers of the universe.
074 Tarot 101 E-book
Learn to use Tarot cards as a divination tool. Tap into your own psychic gifts and connect to your higher-self which "knows" things from an enlightened perspective. NOW 50% off!
025 The 8 Limbs of Yoga Workshop
Did you know there is more to yoga than the physical poses referred as Asanas? The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali refer to Eight limbs (branches) of yoga, each of which offers guidance on how to live a meaningful and purposeful life. Learn about each one and how to incorporate them into your yoga practice. This class is taught by Margaret Wilcox, a certified TriYoga® instructor. Date: April 15, 2018 Time: 1pm-4pm Location: Peace Love Yoga in Palm Springs, CA. www.peaceloveyogapalmsprings.com
144 Tibetan Reiki
This system includes what Dr. Usui was taught by Tschen Li whose lineage comes many ascended masters, inlucding El Morya who taught Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed.
136 Tiger Reiki Attunement
This attunement will help you to connect to the energy of Tiger and its archetype. This is a powerful energy with new symbols.
031 Twin Flame Clearing Meditation & Consultation (via phone)
Are you having trouble with your Twin Flame or wish you could find yours? My Twin Flame Clearing Meditation by phone can help remove blocks to you and your Twin Flame and call on their being to be present. Unconscious fears and blocks can prevent you from connecting to your Twin Flame. We also fear being hurt by the one we love the most. The connection can feel too intense. Our Twin Flames are our mirror. They show us, sometimes uncomfortably, what our issues are. They often have the same issues but are unaware of them. When we connect to our inner light and our Twin shows up, old patterns and negativity surface in an effort to clear them so your connection is pure. This may feel uncomfortable and cause us to run away. But the more you clear, the better you both feel. This new meditation is my Finding Your Soulmate meditation but with deeper clearing tools. I found through my own trial and error that we can create our own blocks to our Twin Flame. Often times these block are karmic past life issues, but most often a feeling of fear of receiving of being unworthy or belief systems that stem from childhood. The great thing is that when you do your own clearing, your twin will resonate with you because you come from the same spirit mold. Twins are really being called now to connect. It is your purpose on earth in order to bring more love to the planet. Now is the time to evolve! Take a look at my new Twin Flame Clearing Meditation and Consultation. This is a guided journey by phone with a consult designed just for your needs.
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