Wheels Of Light

3 Levels of Usui Reiki Training

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Description: Online Reiki Training to assist you in clearing the layers of your aura and connecting you to your natural healer state. You will learn to channel divine energy for healing yourself, your past, your future and sending energy to others. Learn to shift energy patterns within the body and how to heal long-distance. You will have the tools to heal your physical self, your negative emotional imprints and your negative belief systems and you will find the true path of your spirit to begin to live in harmony. Receive all three Reiki energy attunements (initiations): Level I (physical healing), Level II (emotional/mental healing), and Level III/Mastery (spiritual/karmic healing). . You will be taught intuitive techniques to add more to your healer's tool kit. There will be an Introductory Manual sent and homework to prepare you for the first wave of energy, your Reiki I attunement. You will then receive your Reiki II attunement and Reiki III/Master attunement. There will be time in between your levels so you can process. You will receive a full Unlimited Reiki Manual, the Energy Initiations, Meditations, Certificate and Virtual Coaching on your journey. Are you ready to access your full self? Many of us have past lives as a healer and are in turn suffering to learn how to heal so we can share this knowledge with others. Read my article The Wounded Healer to understand this journey. I'm offering this course at an Introductory Rate of $150 for all 3 levels. Ask if you need a payment plan at info@wheelsoflight.org. This class will have all the content of my live workshop course. Read the Reiki Flyer at www.wheelsoflight.org/reikiflyer.

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