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Package of 5 YOGA Sessions ($75 discount)

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Description: Receive a PACKAGE of 5 personalized YOGA sessions with meditation, breathwork and restorative poses. Certified TriYoga® teacher Margaret Wilcox will guide you on your personal journey, strengthening weak areas from injury and moving the energy quickly through the body. ($75 discount with package) In the Greater Palm Springs Area. Maggie’s yoga teaching paths are Hatha Flow, Kundalini, Kids, Parent/Child and Prenatal. Being raised in California, Maggie was fortunate to take yoga in high school. She began a serious Kundalini practice in 1999 where at that time she also became a Reiki Master. In 2000, she moved to New Orleans and began teaching Mom & Baby Yoga after the birth of her first daughter. It was here she discovered TriYoga® and has followed that practice since. In 2002, she opened her own studio, Moondancer Studios in New Orleans. In 2004, she moved to Tampa and began teaching prenatal at Yogani Studios. She taught Prenatal, Flow and Mom & Baby at Yogani until the birth of her third child in 2007. From 2012-2016, she was a senior teacher trainer in the Yoga Teacher Training at the Yoga Loft in Tampa. Since 2016 she has taught at Peace Love Yoga in Palm Springs. www.peaceloveyogapalmsprings.com She enjoys working with clients in a private setting to meet all of their needs and conducting workshops that specialize in energy release from sustained yoga postures mixed with a cardiovascular workout from the Kundalini Yoga. Up to 5 people. In the Greater Palm Springs Area.

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