Wheels Of Light

Atlantean & Crystal Reiki

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Description: Do you feel connected to Atlantis, Greece or Egypt? JOIN US as we transform and receive new planetary energies. Are you a curious seeker of knowledge? After this workshop you will reawaken that part of your spirit that was a healer in these past lives. You will be attuned to 15 ancient Life Cycle Symbols, learn about the Tomb of Akhnaton, the history of crystals and healing in Atlantis, Atlantean technology, and Egyptian healing with pyramid power. In your Crystal Reiki attuenment you will receive a specific vibration of Reiki that is very old and will resonate with those who feel they are here on this Earth to make a change to the old ways. Those of you drawn to dolphins, whales, sea turtles and crystals will also resonate with these teachings. We will cover crystal configurations, crystal reflexology and past-life regression. PREREQUISITE: Reiki II, Basic Crystal Healing

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